My name is Nikhar Jain.

I am a recent Cornell Management grad.

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About me

Nikhar Jain

Product Manager, Consultant & Analyst with a customer-centric approach

Hello, I'm Nikhar Jain, a promising Product Manager with a passion for delivering customer-centric solutions. I specialize in team coordination, communication, and stakeholder engagement, skills that enable me to lead successful product launches.

I hold an MEng in Engineering Management, Entrepreneurship & Product Management from Cornell University, where I served as the President of the Graduate Product Management Club. I have also worked on hackathons and held a TA position in Operations & Supply Chain Management.

Prior to my time at Cornell, I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science at Mody University. My leadership roles included leading Google Developer Student Clubs, SWE, IEEE, CSI, and the Annual Magazine. My coursework included Data Structures & Algorithms, Machine Learning, Database Management, Cloud Computing, and ETL.

About Me


Cornell University


Masters in Engineering Management

MEng in Engineering Management, Entrepreneurship & Product Management

Cornell University's Engineering Management program, offered under the Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree by the College of Engineering, is recognized as one of the top programs in the world. Designed to empower engineering professionals with the skills and knowledge to excel in technology-driven organizations, this program consistently ranks among the best engineering management degrees globally.

The Entrepreneurship and Product Management track within the program focuses on fostering innovation, developing successful products, and managing technology-driven ventures. Students benefit from Cornell's world-class faculty and comprehensive curriculum, which covers marketing research, consumer behavior, digital platform strategy, and human-computer interaction. As a result, graduates of this prestigious program are well-equipped to become effective managers and leaders in various technology-related fields, contributing to its high international standing.

More information on Cornell's Engineering Management program can be found on their official website: [https://www.engmanagement.cornell.edu/em]

  • Awarded a 100% Merit Scholarship for outstanding academic achievements.
  • Developed expertise in designing data products, marketing research, and human-computer interaction through hands-on coursework.
  • Engaged in leadership and entrepreneurial activities as President of the Graduate Product Management Club and mentee at Blackstone Launchpad & eLab.

Mody University


Bachelors in Computer Science

BTech in Computer Science

Mody University, located in Rajasthan, India, is an ABET-accredited institution that offers a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science program. The program focuses on providing students with a strong foundation in computer science principles, including programming, data structures, algorithms, machine learning, database management, and cloud computing. Mody University's curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the rapidly evolving field of computer science and technology.

In addition to the core coursework, students have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities, such as Google Developer Student Clubs, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), IEEE, and the Computer Society of India (CSI). These clubs and organizations provide platforms for students to apply their technical skills, develop leadership abilities, and collaborate with like-minded peers.

For more information about Mody University's B.Tech in Computer Science program, you can visit their official website at the following link: [https://www.modyuniversity.ac.in/engineering-and-technology/b-tech-cse/]

  • Acquired a strong foundation in programming, data structures, algorithms, and machine learning
  • Held leadership roles in Google Developer Student Clubs, SWE, IEEE, and CSI, while also serving as the Head Designer for the Annual Magazine

Work Experience

Mōd Advisors


Strategy and AI Consultant

Competitive Analysis: Conducted comprehensive analysis identifying key opportunities, gaps, competitor's market position, product offerings, financials, marketing strategies, and operational strengths & weaknesses to form the basis of the business strategy

Market Research: Leveraged analytics tools for actionable business growth insights maintaining client relationships

Growth Strategies: Crafted multi-faceted growth strategies including M&A adoption possibilities by the executive team

Performance Metrics: Implemented KPIs to measure strategy effectiveness, targeting a contribution of a 15% increase in quarterly revenue

Cornell University


Product Management & Consulting, Research Assistant

User Research & Product Design: Conducted comprehensive user research to understand the needs and pain points of medical professionals and patients dealing with complex medical text. Designed the user experience for LLM & Langchain, an AI-powered tool that simplifies complex medical text, making it more accessible.

Prototyping & Iteration: Created wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes to visualize the user interface. Conducted multiple rounds of user testing to refine the design based on feedback.

Documentation & Handoff: Prepared comprehensive design specifications and guidelines for the development team. Ensured that the handoff process was smooth and that the design vision was fully realized in the final product.

Johnson & Johnson


Product Management Student Consultant

PLM System Campaign Launch: Initiated the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System campaign to foster collaboration among strategic supply chain partners. This enabled increased speed and agility in new product development, lifecycle changes, and manufacturing processes, resulting in a $2M boost in product impact within a year.

Comprehensive PLM System Development: Conducted in-depth customer interviews within aerospace, automotive, and defense industries, as well as intensive academic research to create a comprehensive PLM system. Took ownership of the project's roadmap, carried out market research, and developed departmental Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to align stakeholders. This effort led to the successful consolidation of three separate PLM systems.

Town Crier, Blocklinker



User Research:Discovered user pain points by interviewing 20+ gamers to prioritize features for innovative gaming solutions.

Strategic Vision & Fundraising:Envisioned a 'Low Latency Data Powering' SAAS model, built the BMC, resulting in a 2% increase in target customer engagement, defining values, channels, CLV, CAC, COGs, & conducted customer interviews with a fundraising plan to raise 7% more capital than initially projected.

Comprehensive Support Ecosystem Design: Created an all-inclusive support ecosystem that facilitated multi-faceted engagement among K-12 teachers, consultants, wellness providers, and communities, promoting collaboration and continuous learning for an enhanced educational experience.

NTPLA by TDR Ideas


Strategy Consultant

In-Depth Market Analysis: Conducted thorough market analysis for an EdTech startup to optimize entry and growth strategies within the highly competitive K-12 sector, ensuring a successful launch and sustainable expansion.

Targeted Digital Platform Strategy: Formulated a focused digital platform strategy by leveraging insights from Minimum Viable Product (MVP) piloting, user feedback, and existing market offerings, enabling effective customer engagement and product differentiation.

Comprehensive Support Ecosystem Design: Created an all-inclusive support ecosystem that facilitated multi-faceted engagement among K-12 teachers, consultants, wellness providers, and communities, promoting collaboration and continuous learning for an enhanced educational experience.

Platform Launch Support: Actively supported the platform's launch, contributing to the establishment of personalized, inclusive, and student-centered educational environments tailored to the post-COVID era's unique challenges and opportunities.

K-12 Educator Retention & Empowerment: Addressed critical challenges in education by providing accessible and affordable resources, ultimately enhancing K-12 educator retention and empowerment, and fostering long-term success in the sector.

Dell Technologies


Product Manager, Customer Experience

Managed Dell's FedEx IT Solutions: Oversaw Dell's product line for FedEx, USA, delivering comprehensive, modern IT infrastructure solutions. Achieved an 80% improvement in digital transformation objectives by conducting thorough market research and gathering detailed product feature requirements.

Salesforce Adoption for ETL: Championed the implementation of Salesforce as the primary platform for tracking sales and opportunities across all Dell products. Secured a 12% increase in stakeholder buy-in, enhancing dashboarding and reporting capabilities, and reducing the tracking time of conversions between sales funnel stages by 3%.

Cross-Functional Team Leadership: Led a diverse team to create battle cards and competitive pricing strategies for effective go-to-market execution and sales enablement, focusing on competitor-owned accounts. This initiative resulted in an 8% increase in opportunity win rates.

Sales Rep Training & Revenue Growth: Conducted training for sales representatives on additional product features, competitive differentiation, and unique value propositions to address clients' growth potential and forecasted demand in storage, computing, and networking. This effort contributed to a revenue boost of $50k from the previous quarter through increased sales.

Employee Onboarding & Pipeline Expansion: Trained and integrated four new employees into the existing product portfolio, enabling them to cultivate prospects and identify opportunities from leads generated by the marketing team. This action resulted in a $400k increase in the overall pipeline value.

Cornell Technology Licensing


Co-Founder, Town Crier

User Pain Points Identification: Conducted interviews with over 20 gamers to identify their pain points, which helped prioritize features for the development of innovative gaming solutions.

Low Latency Data Powering SAAS Model: Conceptualized a 'Low Latency Data Powering' Software as a Service (SAAS) model and built the Business Model Canvas (BMC). This initiative led to a 2% increase in target customer engagement by defining values, channels, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Cost of Goods Sold (COGs), and conducting customer interviews.

Fundraising Success: Developed a comprehensive fundraising plan that resulted in raising 7% more capital than initially projected, supporting the ongoing growth and development of the company.



AI Product Manager Intern

Cataloging & Image Processing Enhancement: Improved cataloging and image processing by utilizing Python Selenium scripts, resulting in a 5% increase in model accuracy for more efficient product listings.

Automated Tracking & Categorizing Model: Developed an automated model for tracking and categorizing products in Excel using Business Analytics (BA) techniques, reducing human effort by 15 times and decreasing errors by 8%.

A/B Testing for Description Placement: Conducted A/B testing to optimize the placement of descriptions for apparel on the Myntra app, leading to a 12% improvement in the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

E-Commerce Cataloging Tool Leadership: Led the development of an e-commerce cataloging tool by collaborating with software, design, and testing teams, enabling a 17% faster product launch and streamlined user experience.



Machine Learning Intern

Watson Model Training & Deployment: Trained the IBM Watson model and successfully deployed the project to Sony Corporation India, showcasing the effective integration of advanced AI technology.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning: Worked on the cutting-edge combination of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Machine Learning (ML) to create more humanized and immersive machine interactions, pushing the boundaries of user experience.

Team Coordination: Coordinated the work of four engineers with the Sony India team, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient project execution, while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Facilitated cross-functional collaboration by organizing team-wide meetings, promoting open communication, and fostering a cohesive work environment, ultimately contributing to project success and team synergy.

Indian Space Research Organization


Software Development Intern

MongoDB & GPU-Based Database Systems: Implemented advanced columnar and GPU-based database systems for one of the top 50 largest datasets, effectively reducing data processing time by 5% and enhancing overall efficiency.

Personalized SQL Query Strategies: Developed customized SQL query strategies for data preparation, which led to a 10% improvement in data quality, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information for crucial research and development projects.

What i do


Product Management
Market Research
Management Consulting
Strategic Agile Planning
Product roadmap, vision & execution
Public Speaking & Leardership

Languages Skills




my skills


  • 100% Merit Scholarship for Masters
  • 50% Merit Scolarship for Bachelors
  • All-rounder student across 5 Schools